To Whom It May Concern:

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If you're thinking of selling your business, I strongly recommend that you call Jim Dunmire of Murphy Business Brokers in Clearwater. When I considered selling my business in 2016, I carefully researched the Business Brokerage community for someone who SOLD businesses, and Jim clearly stood out from the crowd. Choosing Jim was the first and best decision I made in the entire process of selling my company.

Why Jim? First and foremost, he doesn’t just list businesses, he sells businesses! More specifically, Jim listened to me and addressed my questions, needs, and concerns. When I was lost on how to price my business (much less how to sell it), Jim guided me to a formal valuation process that gave me and potential buyers confidence that the business was fairly priced. Once the business was listed, Jim qualified buyers to ensure I wasn’t wasting time. And once potential buyers became earnest in their interest, Jim almost worked for both the buyer and seller in the sense that he provided both of us guidance on how to go about finding legal and financial help. When my buyer wanted to obtain SBA financing, again Jim was there to help, guiding the buyer to a bank that specialized in SBA loans. 

He was professional in all of his interactions with me, potential buyers, and the eventual buyers, and used strong organizational skills to keep the process moving forward. Part of that professionalism was the confidentiality that he maintained from our first meeting until closing. 

The end result of Jim’s recommendations, guidance, and attention to detail- it was less than six months between listing my business and the closing date! With that, again, I strongly recommend you call Jim Dunmire if you’re thinking of selling your business!

If you have any questions about whether Jim is right for you, feel free to call me for more details. I can be reached at (813) 390-0966.



Jim Ayscue


Jim Ayscue



Professional, Confidential, and Loyal

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To Whom It May Concern,

If you are contemplating selling your business I would strongly recommend you consider Jim Dunmire of Murphy Business & Financial Service. Jim sold our HVAC business in a period of 6 months. From the point of finding a buyer, right up to closing day, Jim was professional, confidential and loyal to us, the seller.

To be honest, I thought about trying to sell the business on my own. By the time a buyer was found I soon became aware that doing it myself would have been a disaster. Jim knew to ask questions that I would never have thought of. Jim was always readily available to answer any questions or concerns that would arise. he always provided us with sound professional advice. By the time of closing I know that absolutely no detail was left undone.

I'm happy to say that our business is now sold. I highly recommend that you let Jim do the same for you.

Please feel free to call me should you have any questions.



David L. Stokes


Letter of High Recommendation

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Letter of High Recommendation for Mr. Jim Dunmire of Murphy Business & Financial Services, Inc.


July 15, 2016

To whom it may concern,

If you are considering selling your business, I am writing this letter to recommend you give serious consideration to utilizing the services of Mr. Jim Dunmire with Murphy Business & Financial Services, Inc.

Jim is extremely knowledgeable of the construction industry with a superior understanding of HVAC side of the business. He was able to make an accurate assessment of our companies financial worth and the type of buyers that would have the greatest interest in purchasing our company.

He also puts great effort into trying to find a buyer that would be the best fit. He found a great buyer for my HVAC company (with‐in one year of our agreement).

Jim was very discreet and kept all of our business information strictly confidential. None of our vendors or customers were ever aware that I had my company on the market. He always had me, my partner, and my employees best interest at heart. He was very respectful of our time as we were still operating our company and he was extremely valuable during the final negotiations and sale of the business. Jim even recommended a great attorney that I used for the closing.

I highly recommend Mr. Jim Dunmire to anyone considering the sale of their business.

Please feel free to contact me at (352) 544‐1100.


Robert W. Yoho, Jr.

Highest Vote of Confidence

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To Whom It May Concern,

My husband and I would like to give our highest vote of confidence to Jim Dunmire, as the business broker of choice to sell any business, now and in the future.

We recently sold our heating & air conditioning business, Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning of Volusia County, and had the pleasure of Jim being our broker. We knew absolutely nothing about selling a business, but from the moment of our first meeting with Jim, we knew we had found our broker.

Jim gave us the confidence to believe that we could see the process through from the beginning to the end. Jim was there for any kind of question we might have and his expertise saved us many a sleepless night. He was there for the piles of paperwork that were involved, before and during the sale. Jim didn't mind sharing his knowledge, to the point of teaching is when necessary. With his guidance and his invaluable assistance, we were able to complete the sale of our business in a very short time.

Through the whole process, we knew that Jim had our best interests at heart and that he would fight for us and be there to protect us if necessary. The was never any pressure of any type that was allowed to be placed on us as the potential sellers. Jims high moral of business ethics made us aware that we were so lucky to have chosen Jim as our broker and that we were always in good hands.

We can without a doubt, give Jim the best reference possible. The sale of a business can of course be a highly stressful life-changing event, but with Jims guidance, the sale of our business went through smoothly and we are nothing but grateful to Jim.



Douglas A. Henry & Vickie J. Henry

Thank You

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Dear Jim,

Finally have a minute to get a letter off to say “thank you” from Corinne and I for the help in buying the business.

It has been a long process with lots of patience required by us all after several deals fell apart. I appreciate your advice and genuine desire to make a good match of my requirements in a sea of companies in a multitude of industries.

Unlike many brokers, I found you to be truly concerned for the long term fit for both buyer and seller. I truly think this is the best business of the many we kicked tires on over the past 2 years!

Now I have lots of work to do so I have to go!...............

Let's keep in touch - I'll need someone to sell my company in 15 years or so.

Best regards,


Tim Flanagan

U.S. Tube Supply II

Highly Professional and Ethical

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I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for the highly professional and ethical manner in which my business was handled by Murphy Broker, more specifically Jim Dunmire.

I engaged Murphy Broker for both the buying and selling of my company. As a first time business owner the process was daunting but manageable thanks to Jim's guidance throughout the process. Jim helped me sort through a large multiple listing of companies for sale to identify opportunities as well as high risk scenarios. Murphy Broker had the trained resources to assess and evaluate the business opportunities. This was invaluable, and in hind sight was a factor in my ultimately making a nice profit.

Jim and Murphy Broker were always sensitive and respectful of any and all issues concerning confidentiality. This was extremely important to me during the selling of my company when it came to the employees and not having them aware of any pending sale.

the one thing that stood out for me about Jim was his tenacity at which he would follow up with all parties involved. The buy/sell process can have numerous show stopping events, too many players with other priorities and can drag on endlessly without someone bull dogging the details. Whether working with sellers/buyers, brokers, financial institutions. attorneys, accountants. appraisers or insurance agency Jim could effectively communicate with them all.

Thank you Murphy Broker and thanks to Jim Dunmire who I now consider a trusted friend.



Robert Ford


Fairway Golf Carts of Tampa Bay

Outstanding Skills

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Dear Sirs:

It has been my pleasure to associate with Jim Dunmire on numerous deals over the past several years. Without exception, Jim has demonstrated outstanding skills in resolving complex problems. Jim maintains a professional, courteous demeanor in all circumstances. Moreover, he is very quick to return phone calls, follow up on various aspects of the transactions, and coordinate a varying cast of characters. In short, Jim is a leader and a highly respected member of the business broker community.



Paul W. Hitchens, P.A.


Pleasure and Privilege

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To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with Mr. Jim Dunmire of Murphy Business in several transactions. My role has been to provide financing through the SBA loan programs to his clients. Mr. Dunmire has demonstrated impressive knowledge of the industry, negotiating skills, and integrity. He has been a great facilitator during the entire closing process. Mr. Dunmire earned the respect of his clients as well as mine as he made my job easier by being responsive to any and all requests sent by the bank during the entire closing process.

I would highly recommend him to represent our future clients as a business broker.

Please feel free to contact me with any question any time.



Mimoza Noll

Vice President

PNC Bank

Professional and Diligent

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Dear Mr. Murphy,

Kathy and I would like to express our appreciation for the professional and diligent manner in which Jim Dunmire handled the sale of our business. He was always positive and upbeat and he followed through and did what he said that he would do.

Jim was prompt to our meetings and more importantly was a facilitator in our discussions with potential buyers. He had a good balance in knowing when to interject and when to allow the principals to establish a rapport.

We appreciated Jim's understanding of our position when we felt a potential buyer was unsuitable for our particular business and the fact that Jim didn't try to talk us into proceeding further with him.

After we entered into negotiations with a buyer, we were impressed with Jim's efforts to keep moving the whole process forward in a timely manner in order to expedite the sale.

if we ever have another business to sell, we would want Jim to be our broker.



Richard E. Remke

St. Petersburg, FL

Complicated Transaction

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Dear Jim,

I just want to thank you for all your hard work and professionalism during the sale of my dealership. As we discussed, this was a very complicated transaction that involved many different parties and interests. Certainly, trying to get everyone to the closing table was like herding the proverbial cats. Thanks to your constant follow-up, persistent pressure and unending good humor, the sale was completed. It would not have happened without you.

Again, thank you for all of your help. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any of your other clients.



Joe MacGuire

Euro Cycles of Tampa Bay